Advantages of Distant Reiki for Animals

  • Animal is with familiar human(s) — A traumatized or sick animal may not respond appropriately to an approaching stranger (the Reiki practitioner), even if the meeting takes place in the animal’s home. This is especially true if the animal is very protective of their territory and humans. When working with animals, safety for the animal and the practitioner must always come first.
  • Animal is more relaxed and receptive — A calm animal will be more open and willing to receive Reiki. Before beginning a Reiki session, I always connect with the animal and request permission to share Reiki with them. Animals have the right to accept or decline, and we, as Reiki practitioners, must respect that right. And, of course, consent and acceptance are much more likely when the animal is in familiar surroundings with familiar people. The receptivity enhances the healing process and optimizes its benefits.
  • Convenience and comfort for the Animal’s “Person” — Our animals often mirror our emotional state, and the mood of a beloved human affects the animal’s behavior and disposition. (2, 3, 4) With that in mind, the practitioner must consider the comfort and convenience of the animal’s caregiver. Just as the animal is most comfortable in familiar surroundings, so is the caregiver. Distant Reiki allows for this convenience, further enhancing the healing benefits
  • Convenience for the Practitioner — The ability to offer Reiki to animals from the comfort of my home office is truly a blessing. Reiki’s powerful healing benefits are unrestricted by time or space, and I am always grateful for the opportunity to connect with individuals and their animals across the globe.
  • Expands Reiki’s reach — Distant Reiki broadens each practitioner’s ability to share its healing energy. At this time in human history, the need for healing has never been greater — for all living creatures. As Reiki practitioners, it is incumbent upon each of us to offer its healing however and wherever we can. Reiki’s guidance indicates that distant Reiki is, and will continue to be, a tremendous influence in shifting the energy of the planet.
  • A Buffer for HSPs (Highly Sensitive Practitioners) — As mentioned earlier, many years ago, I attempted to offer Reiki to animals in a local shelter as a volunteer. Unfortunately, the first time was also the last. As I sat in the shelter channeling Reiki, the animals’ energies were powerful and overwhelming — I physically and emotionally experienced their anger, fear, sadness, and grief. It felt as if I was drowning in their sea of sorrows. Shaken, breathless, and confused, I fled the shelter. Later that day, while I sat in meditation, Reiki helped me understand that maintaining a physical distance would allow me to serve the animals’ needs best while also caring for my energies. From that moment on, I conducted all my work with animals via remote, even when volunteering at the local shelter. As an HSP, I have learned, with Reiki’s guidance, to honor the unique sensitivities that are an integral part of my makeup. With distant Reiki, my extreme sensitivity to the animals’ emotions is far more manageable. Happily, that same sensitivity provides a window for understanding and communicating with the animal client, and the physical distance protects against emotional overwhelm.


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Reiki Teacher. Empath, HSP, Old Soul. Reiki & writing are my therapy. Proud plant eater- sometimes annoyingly so.

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